The Complete Guide to Connected User Experiences

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How to design for the Sitecore Customer Experience platform

Every modern marketer is trying to deliver a better customer experience, and the vehicle for this is often in their digital channels. Sitecore is the market leader in delivering this relevant, contextual experience. 

The UX4CX whitepaper seeks to educate UX professionals, as well as marketers, product owners, content owners and Sitecore developers at all stages of a Sitecore implementation project about best practice and tools to design, build and optimize a site which includes the digital touchpoints and flexible templates required to deliver on the promise of optimization. 

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  • Why personalization planning needs to be incorporated into the project lifestyle
  • Benefits of planning for personalization for UX and Tech teams
  • The impact of personalization on your information architecture
  • How to incorporate micro-conversions and micro-interactions
  • Thank you pages – when to use them and how they fit in a contextual journey
  • Wireframing and component design best practices for contextual experience design
  • Technical guidance and considerations

Supercharge your customer experience with Sitecore and become a digital hero.

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