Ferno offers the most complete line of emergency patient handling equipment, with products designed to get you in and out of the scene fast, safe, and easy. Ferno is recognized as the global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of emergency patient-handling equipment and mortuary products and exports to more than 75 countries. 


A Multi-Site implementation with integration between Sitecore and Insite Commerce

The Highlights

  • Implemented 6 sites globally within the first year.
  • Created several micro sites to showcase Ferno's innovative products.
  • Utilized Sitecore's full marketing suite for personalization, engagement automation, personas, and pattern cards. 

eCommerce Features

  • Integrated the products from Insite Commerce into Sitecore CMS.
  • Customized the integration to work for a multi-site solution.
  • Product catalogs are managed within Sitecore so we can personalize the component by persona.
  • Product cross-sells are managed in Insite and rendered using Sitecore components.
  • The checkout process is integrated with PayPal Express Checkout API.
  • Custom tax calculations using StrikeIron Tax Provider.

Marketing Features

  • The home page product promotion controls are built in a way to be personalized for each visitor using Sitecore's personalization rules. 
  • Product registration, request catalog, and several other forms are integrated with Sitecore Experience Analytics.
  • Engagement Automation implementation to send personalized email dependent upon where the buyer is in the purchasing process.