Perfecting your Sitecore Architecture

Many companies intend to follow an iterative approach for implementing a Sitecore solution. Unfortunately priorities, budgets, and resources often get shifted and implementations are left partially complete or improperly developed. And the reality is that sometimes even experienced implementation partners make mistakes. We're here to help fix that.

Nish Tech follows a 5-point system for auditing an existing Sitecore implementation. We spend time analyzing your Sitecore architecture, coding practices, security and performance, and overall site health, then provide a detailed report for each area. The overall health of your Sitecore project is a combination score based upon each of the points of analysis.

Along with the final report, we'll provide a list of any recommended changes needed to leverage the full power of the Sitecore Experience Platform. We'll work with you to develop a strategy to implement changes or develop new components as needed based upon a set project timeline.

We've done audits on many projects across a wide variety of industries so we know what to look for and how to make improvements, and we'll walk you through what we've done for other clients. Contact us to discuss how we can help maximize your Sitecore installation.


Sitecore audit scorecard