Optimizely (Episerver) B2B Commerce Accelerator

Nish Tech's B2B Commerce Accelerator for Optimizely (Episerver) is a market-ready Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud "website-in-a-box" built on top of the Optimizely Content Cloud digital experience platform. The Accelerator is a fully functional B2B commerce product that allows brands to easily set up a product catalog and personalized, optimized supporting content, and start selling product through personalized shopping experiences in a matter of weeks. You'll see lower implementation costs, reduced time to market, and a faster return on your e-commerce investment.

In 15 minutes we show you how we set up a fully-functional e-commerce website in Optimizely Content Cloud using a pre-configured Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud site and the Nish Tech Accelerator. Real-time setup for this site was 90 minutes.


Key Features

Out-of-the-box sophisticated user design with extensible components
Integrated personalization capabilities provide unique buying experiences such as facet filtering, customer-specific catalogs, sitewide product comparisons, and dynamic cross-sells, upsells, and product recommendations
Advanced search capabilities including auto-complete, e-commerce Elasticsearch, and Optimizely Search & Navigation for a friction-free visitor experience
Multi-site theming architecture for accelerated rollouts
Complete self-service account management capabilities
Delivery and experimentation platform for optimized customer journeys
Single page checkout for authenticated and guest users
Guest user checkout is fully supported, allowing out-of-the-box support for both B2B and B2C deployments

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Stop building websites, start selling products

Nigh Tech Digital Evangelist Lindsey Schmidt is joined by Suresh Devanan, Nish Tech CEO and Himadri Chakrabarti, Nish Tech Senior Director of Technology, to talk about the Accelerator - what it is, what makes it unique, and who will get the biggest benefit from implementing it as part of their e-commerce strategy.


Fully customizable B2B e-commerce solution

Home Page

Episerver Accelerator - home page

Configurable Facet Filtering

Episerver Accelerator - product filtering

One-page Checkout

Episerver Accelerator - checkout

Wish List

Episerver Accelerator - wish list

Mega-navigation Panel

Episerver Accelerator - navigation

Full Site Product Comparison

Episerver Accelerator - product comparison

Quick Order

Episerver Accelerator - quick order

Order History

Episerver Accelerator - order history

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