Episerver B2B Commerce Accelerator

Episerver B2B Commerce Accelerator by Nish Tech allows you to decrease development time on the front-end experience and focus on selling product. The Accelerator allows you to create an enhanced B2B eCommerce solution on Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud using a “quick to launch” front-end experience driven by Episerver Content Cloud, allowing you to deliver personalized shopping experiences for your customers. You'll see lower implementation costs, reduced time to market, and a faster return on your eCommerce investment.

Key Features

By building eCommerce widgets into the modular architecture, we've done the development work that lets your business users easily add, remove and personalize components and content. 


Content and Product Search

Consolidated search brings together content and product search into a single and intuitive interface, providing a simplified, predictive user search experience

Product Synchronization

Supports multi-site product synchronization and provides for multiple product images per product.

Multi site Support

Multi-site support allows SAFIC users to take full advantage of their architecture; realizing easier content sharing, enhanced search and analytics options and lower CMS licensing costs.

A/B Testing

Optimize your site with built-in A/B testing when content is created.

Theming Engine

The N-Level theming engine provides a highly customizable design platform supporting multi-level theme templating and reuse of page from any level of the platform.

Cart Retention

The cart retention feature allows both guest and authenticated users to continue their shopping experience when they return after leaving the store.

Additional Features


  • Multi site Architecture
    • Easier content sharing, enhanced search and analytics options and lower CMS licensing costs.
  • Product comparison
  • Guest user checkout
  • SEO Enhancements including meta data and product markup
  • Featured product section for the homepage
  • Improved product filtration by site and category to ease content authoring
  • Sitemap auto generation and auto update
  • Product returns (RMA) from order history
  • Browse products by categories and sub-categories
  • Facet filtering for category browsing
  • Product search
  • Faceted product search filtering
  • Search auto complete
  • Content search
  • Product list sorting and paging
  • Multiple product list view
  • Product pricing
  • Product detail
  • Product variant
  • Product recommendation component
  • Episerver content pages and components

Standard Templates & Functions

  • Homepage
  • Customized Header & Footer
  • Login
    • Choose Customer (B2B)
  • Guest Checkout
  • Search
    • Product and Content Search
    • Facet Search
  • Category Browsing
  • Product List Page
    • Product Filters
    • Product Comparison
    • 3 built in views (column, list, grid)
  • Product Details Page
    • Multiple Images
    • Configurable tabs for Specs, Sizing, Details, Technical Documents, Product videos, etc.
  • Multi Site Support
  • Shopping Cart with Cart Retention
  • Checkout
    • Checkout Address (For Guest Checkout)
    • Review & Pay
    • Payment Integrations
    • Order Confirmation
  • Third Party Email Integration
  • My Account
    • My Address / Edit Address
    • Order History
      • RMA (Return Request), Reorder
    • Order Details
    • Quick Order (B2B)
      • Fast Pad, Copy & Paste, Upload
    • Saved Orders
    • Wish List
    • Forgot Password
  • SEO (Meta Data, Product Markup, Multiple Sitemaps, etc.)
  • Error Checking (Fallback images, Page Not Found, Email error reporting)

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Deliver a Personalized B2B eCommerce Experience!

When investing in a product it's important to get your return as soon as possible. Nish Tech's B2B Commerce Accelerator will help you drastically reduce your implementation time because the development work that is required to implement Episerver Content Cloud and B2B Commerce Cloud has already been completed.

Prebuilt widgets and components will allow you to architect your pages any way you want. The B2B Commerce Accelerator comes with open architecture to alleviate much of the required foundational development.

One of the simplest ways of optimizing your site is by using A/B testing. The B2B Commerce Accelerator has been developed with flexible components that can easily be tested at the time of content creation.

eCommerce widgets can be placed on pages and then easily set up using the Episerver personalization tools. These widgets enable business users to easily add, remove and personalize components and content in Content Cloud, and leverage the product and transactional data in B2B Commerce Cloud.

Display personalized and targeted content based upon which stage in the buying process the customer is in. You can also display recommended products based on the customer's browsing history and what others have purchased relative to the products the customer is viewing.

Drastically lower your overall implementation costs by accelerating the development and launch time. With the B2B Commerce Accelerator, the development foundation and integration work that is required to implement Episerver Content Cloud and B2B Commerce Cloud has already been completed.


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