Nish Tech has what it takes to advance your position in the digital maturity model. Most companies don’t know where to start when it comes to becoming digitally mature. Nish Tech has a proven strategy to teach our clients to crawl, walk, and then run. We start with quick wins and make adjustments to optimize the site to see improved outcomes. Using the Sitecore Experience Platform allows us to have one centralized, 360 degree view of our customers, connecting the different channels and interactions you have with your customers. Working with Nish Tech means you will be in the hands of trusted professionals who will work with you to increase web traffic and conversions.

Are you currently using CXP software?

  • Customer Experience is the name of the game and whether you know it or not, you're already on the field. 
  • Using a CXP will allow your developers, content editors, and marketers to easily add or change content while maintaining brand consistency across all channels. 
  • Nish Tech uses custom system integrations to allow you to seamlessly share data and give you a deeper understanding of your customers, providing a personalized experience every time you interact with them.

Are you differentiating your visitor?

  • There are 6 Billion people in this world but there is only one you.
  • Every individual is unique so we should start treating them that way.  One size does not fit all and never will.  With the Experience Profile you will be able to take a deep dive into every individual customer’s history with your organization.
  • Nish Tech will build your site with the Experience Profile built in a way that allows you to have deeper insights about your customers and understand your history of interaction with them.

Is your site Optimized?

  • Successful people are always working to improve themselves, so why should your site be any different?
  • Through easy-to-use multivariate testing and robust analytics, we will develop your site so non-technical users will be able to improve efficiency. 
  • Understand what is working and what is not so you can make your site function like a brain surgeon in the operating room.


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Need a Sitecore Expert? Lets talk

Craft beer is hard to beat, so...

We've perfected the craft of Sitecore implementations

At Nish Tech we understand each organization will have different, specific needs.  For this reason, we offer completely customized services to help you better optimize your Customer Experience.  Whether it's front-end, dynamically changing promotional content for target users or back-end management tools that would help with Engagement Automation, we can assist you in reaching your potential with the Sitecore Experience Platform. 

Software can be complicated.  We are here to help and will simplify the challenge of learning new software functionality.  We provide user manuals, training sessions, and phone support for our customers, for every platform we implement.

We play well with others.  Nish Tech has worked with many different agencies, with various focuses, who need an experienced Sitecore partner to execute the web development and system integrations for their clients.  It's an honor for us to be brought into projects so we allow the agency of record to determine what our level of involvement and communication with the client will be.  Frankly, we'll do the work and let you take the credit. 

Sitecore is constantly making improvements to their software. Companies that don't keep up with the latest versions may find themselves on a version that is no longer supported. Allow Nish Tech to assist in the upgrade process while ensuring the changes made will not have a negative impact on your currently working site.   


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Knuckles to us.

The movement of this website into production was the smoothest web site implementation at NHCC yet. I was happy with the high quality work.

John O' Brien, President
North Hennepin Community College