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Sitecore Symposium 2020

Nish Tech is a full-service digital agency based in Cincinnati that has been helping brands gain a competitive edge in their industries since 2011. We're proud to be an Advocator Sponsor for the first all-digital Sitecore Symposium October 26-28, 2020.

As a Sitecore Silver Partner with 14 Sitecore Certified Developers and 4 Sitecore MVPs, we've delivered 105+ Digital Experience solutions for customers in the Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial and Distribution industries. Our personalized partnership approach ensures that you're maximizing your Sitecore investment and not just buying a software product.

This year we're proud to announce the release of our IoT Hub - a module that connects Sitecore to IoT devices using Microsoft Azure. With this module you can take your marketing a step further and personalize the experience in real-time.

We'll be available in the Partner Pavilion throughout the show for demos and meetings, and we want to learn more about your business needs. Connect with us and set up a 30-minute digital review at Symposium 2020. All who sign up will be registered for a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card!

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Sitecore Services

As an award-winning Enterprise Digital Agency we utilize the latest innovations and combine them with marketing strategies to deliver customized, perfect online solutions for you.

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Perfect Experience

Our team of dedicated professionals will work with your marketing team to create the perfect experience that your customers deserve and demand.  As Sitecore specialists, Nish Tech will help you to implement and manage all of the customer experience tools and functionality the robust platform offers.  



Perfect eCommerce

Nish Tech knows eCommerce!  Through our experience we have learned one common recurring theme:  companies don't sell products, they sell outcomes!  As a Sitecore Partner with a Specialization in eCommerce, we can help your organization choose the best platform and implement an integrated solution that meets your requirements.  



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Schedule a meeting to get a FREE 30-minute consultation on your eCommerce Strategy or a 5-point audit of your current Sitecore implementation and you'll be registered for a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card.


Look out for these familiar faces!

We won't be there in person, but you'll still see us at Symposium!


Suresh Devanan - President & CEO, Sitecore MVP

Suresh DevananSymposium is THE Global Conference every Sitecore enthusiast looks forward to every year. Whether you are getting started or are an experienced Marketer/Developer, session tracks are crafted to provide specifics to hone your Sitecore skills. This year we will miss the face-2-face collaboration, but I am looking forward to this virtual community gathering which is a foundational platform, enabling powerful 1-on-1 collaborations with technologists, strategists, marketers, partners, friends and Sitecore employees that sets in motions idea sharing & relationships that extend beyond the event.

I'd love to speak with you during Symposium about how we can partner up to meet and exceed your digital experience and Sitecore support needs. We're up for the challenge of helping you create Moments that Make Experiences with your customers.


Himadri Chakrabarti - Director of Technology, Sitecore MVP

Himadri ChakrabartiWith current technology trends, on-prem implementations will be thing of the past in few years. In Symposium 2020, I’m most interested to see how Sitecore is planning to adopt cloud-based and service-based technologies as the core of its CMS and Digital Experience strategy.

Topic-wise, I will be focusing on Architecture & Scaling, Commerce, Content Hub & Managing Content Lifecyle, Headless CMS (JSS) & Headless Commerce. Other than attending sessions, I am very much looking forward to joining virtual networking events to connect with other community members.


Andy Klein - Director of Digital Marketing

Andy KleinAs a relatively new member of the Nish Tech team I'm experiencing Symposium for the first time from the partner perspective. I've been working with Sitecore for 10 years on the customer side and have been to many Symposiums. Like everyone else, I'm disappointed that we won't get the full live experience. But I know that Sitecore is going to put on a first-class event because that's what they always do.

I'm looking forward to hearing about new advances in Sitecore marketing capabilities and learning more about what's going on with Content Hub and Personalization. I'm also hoping to connect with people like you who share my enthusiasm for this incredible community driven by Sitecore. Stop by and see us, we'd love to meet you!


Rodrigo Peplau - Sitecore Solution Architect, Sitecore MVP

Rodrigo PeplauGiven the number of important announcements, this year’s Symposium will be highly important. I’m very interested to see how speakers will reverberate the new development tools brought by Sitecore 10 – time to explore and expand my understanding of Docker, Kubernetes, Content Serialization, .NET Core Headless, etc. The Content Hub front, still unexplored by many, is now better digested by the community, so I also expect lots of good knowledge coming from that corner.

But what I’m actually most interested in, given my recent experiments with IoT technologies, is to witness this high-scale experiment of a fully virtual Sitecore Symposium. What kind of different experiences will the technology bring? How good will the community engage in reaction to that? We will find out soon!


José Neto - Sr. Sitecore Developer, Sitecore MVP

Jose NetoSitecore Symposium is a great opportunity to learn about changes and new features to look forward to with this platform. It's also a great environment to motivate teams to share their experiences and connect with colleagues around the world. 

This year I'm particularly interested in attending sessions related to eCommerce, Content Hub, JSS, and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This last one is a hot topic and it can dramatically change how marketing teams will engage with the Sitecore platform.

This will be the first online Symposium for all of us, a trend that may last for a long time. We don't know exactly what to expect, however I believe this will demonstrate our resilience and adaptability to the changing times, and perhaps it will guide the development of new forms of virtual experiences.


Niru Kargod - Manager of Delivery Services

Niru KargodAs I think about the virtual format for Symposium 2020, I’m seeing missed and new opportunities.

We will miss the ability to connect in person with current and potential customers as well as colleagues from other Sitecore partners. We will miss the human connections we establish in the Partner Pavilion when people would come to our booth to see demos or talk about the latest Sitecore technology improvements. We will miss the social aspect and the ability to thank our customers for trusting us with their business.

We also see this as an opportunity to consume more content as we won’t have to choose one session over another, and we won’t miss having to sprint across the convention center in between sessions. This is an opportunity for us to connect in different ways using technology for a new normal. For the near future, at least, this is the way we will be reaching our customers.


David Hirsch - Senior Manager of Delivery Services

David HirschSymposium 2020 features a great mix of Sitecore presentation and case studies, both live and on demand. Although the physical experience will not be there, this year's version looks to be a content rich, engaging event. 

"Sitecore Content AI" and "Sitecore on Sitecore: Content Hub edition" are the two sessions I'm most looking forward to learn more about this to help me drive value for our customers' marketing departments. Also, as a Project Manager with a background in making sites accessible, the sessions "How the Project Management Institute reinvented its digital presence" and "Accessibility compliance for 50+ sites: Five tips to execute at scale" are on my short list.

Of course, Paige O’Neill always delivers, so I'm looking forward to her keynote "General session: Creating the ultimate moment: A panel with Sitecore Ultimate Experience Award winners." And, since it's all about the experience, I'll also be checking out "The 10 Commandments for Superior CX with Sitecore" - that promises actionable steps to improvement.


Daniel Govier - Senior Software Engineer

Having moved away from coding to implementing delivery of Sitecore solutions on the DevOps side of the business, I'm eager to learn how Sitecore is helping in this area by embracing containers and Kubernetes. These technologies help both to speed the development and delivery of products to our clients and improves the quality by getting the product in front of QA engineers and other stakeholders as quickly as possible.

The experts in the Sitecore community have provided great help in the past and I'm looking forward to hearing what they have to say about the future.