Promoting and Maintaining an Ecommerce Website


You’ve built a beautiful ecommerce website and its working ok, so now comes the hard part. How will you continue to promote and maintain the site to keep customers coming back and ordering more?

Your ecommerce site will have many layers to it. Promotion of your brand should be the number one focus, in an effort to build brand loyalty. As you design or redesign your company’s ecommerce site, consider asking yourself this question: “What do I want customers to remember about buying from our company?”  Then consider the most important factors of capturing attention and moving customers to the shopping cart.

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Most customers want a site that is:

  1. easy to navigate and makes it easy to put products in the shopping cart
  2. everything works properly, no broken or bad links
  3. an easy payment process and proof that it is secure
  4. discounts / offers to return / special products or related products for comparisons
  5. opportunity to reorder quickly and easily, without hassle
  6. opportunity to try new products / services first


Once the site is set up and running the way you want (and your visitors need), then it’s time to begin promotion of the site. Your products / services should be promoted in variety of ways to ensure you are reaching your target audiences. Some of the best practices in marketing include a mix of the traditional methods (direct mail – educating and discounting and telemarketing) and digital marketing (email, SEO and social media). Before you jump into marketing initiatives, be sure to take the necessary time and steps to understand how your audience wants to be communicated to and where they are hanging out online for making the most impact.


On average, companies are updating their ecommerce websites on a daily basis. This may include updating product information, uploading new products or simply adding valuable educational content to a site (many times via a blog). How often are you updating yours? Are you keeping up with the competition – or are you ahead of them?

When a website is updated, it’s a great opportunity to communicate the updates, special product offers, discounts, on sale, etc. items. This is when the e-newsletter, e-blast or social media updates come into play. By spreading the information across the web, you are guaranteeing that more sales opportunities will be identified. Also, when sending this information, be sure to segment the audience if needed to ensure the message is targeted to the individuals who will purchase the products pertaining to them!

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